How does Eroxel help with Erectile Dysfunction?

All about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as sexual failure, can happen to anyone of any age. Around 25% of men aged 50-60 and 40% over 60 are affected by erectile dysfunction. Although it is usually only sporadic or intermittent, erectile dysfunction can have a significant impact on quality of life and alter self-image, as well as affecting confidence. It can be a vicious circle, sometimes with many parts.

After sexual excitement, the penis volume increases leading to progressive rigidity. There are many mechanisms involved. They involve both physiological and organic functions as well as the brain. There are many reasons why an erection may not occur. Psychological factors are often also mentioned.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by fatigue, stress, medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension and vascular disease, as well as certain drug treatments. Erectile function can also be affected by smoking and drinking.

As we’ve seen, sexual problems are often multifactorial. Treatment will be multifactorial. To rule out any organic causes, a medical exam will be required. However, it is important to consider the effects of daily living and the psychological, cerebral, and emotional factors. Therefore, it is possible to find solutions to various situations and to restore a satisfying and fulfilling sexual life.

Supplements to increase erection and libido

Sexual stimulant supplements, such as Eroxel, can be used by both men and women. It is made of plants that have been proven to be aphrodisiacs combined with vitamins. It can increase libido and support sexual performance, as well as enhance sexual endurance and energy. Some dietary supplements can also help prolong sexual intercourse by enhancing erection and delaying ejaculation.

Sexual stimulant supplements can be consumed in different ways: capsules, tablets, powders, liquid solutions, or pills. Eroxel comes in the form of capsules. The plants it contains (ginger, ginseng, maca, …) are chosen for their positive effects on sexual vitality or libido.

Powerful Plants of Eroxel


Ginger and Ginseng have been proven to be effective sexual stimulants. Ginger is a favorite spice to season dishes. Ginger has been used for thousands upon thousands of years. It is a key component of Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It is used in herbal medicine to treat a wide range of conditions and fight physical fatigue. Ginger is a natural aphrodisiac in the world of sexuality. A substance that stimulates sexual desire and increases libido.


Ginseng, which is native to China and Korea has been called the “root of all life”. Ginseng is a root that can heal, strengthen the body, increase energy tenfold, and help with many diseases and disorders. Ginseng is a powerful aphrodisiac and can be energizing and revitalizing. Ginseng is adaptogenic; i.e. capable of adapting to the body’s needs. If you experience a decrease in libido, or a lack of sexual desire, you may turn to ginseng-based stimulants, which can be combined with ginger or other Aphrodisiac substances.


Maca is a Peruvian medicinal plant that grows on high plateaus at elevations of between 3,000 and 5km above the sea level. It can be used in extreme climates. This powerful medicinal plant, also known as Peruvian Viagra or Peruvian Ginseng, is both a tonic and natural aphrodisiac. Maca was used by the Incas to increase fertility and virility. It is used to treat possible sexual breakdowns and erectile issues, as well as to reduce the effects of fatigue and stress on sexual performance and physical health.

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