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Erectile Dysfunction and Age: How are they related and why can you Trust Potencialex?

Studies show that the risk of erectile dysfunction varies between age groups and tends to increase with age. Sexual weakness in old age is not a must, however – just as a splendid erection is not a must in younger years.

Possible signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is very clearly noticeable. If they develop insidiously, a physical cause is likely. Suddenly occurring potency problems, possibly in connection with certain situations or stressful life events, indicate a possible psychological background.

A psychological cause is also more likely if spontaneous erections are present during sleep.

There can be infinite causes for this problem and there is no specific age at which it appears, Potencialex is made to treat the problem: Potencialex Original


Erectile dysfunction can manifest itself in different ways:

  • erection may not occur at all
  • Erection is too weak or does not last long enough to perform sexual act
  • pain and pressure
  • complete absence or other abnormalities in orgasm and ejaculation

Vitamins and Minerals – important for Erectile Dysfunction

A good supply of vitamins and minerals is also important for maintaining or regaining potency. For example, zinc influences testosterone levels, Vitamin E promotes blood circulation and vascular health.

Taking care of our health after a certain age is extremely important, as our body wears out day by day. Potencialex is composed of completely natural ingredients, without causing side effects: Potencialex Buy.